Thursday, July 9, 2009

Class Outing REMAKE!

WHAT: Sentosa Outing (Soccer, beach bitching, basketball, rugby, drunk... WHATEVER)
WHERE: Sentosa or somewhere.
WHEN: SAT 18 July 2009, From 11am???

Call/Sms/Email me if you're coming!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Esmond- "EH, let's make a class outing! You got all their contact right?!"

Zul- "Yup yup. When you free? You JC people have a weird calendar."

Esmond- "Why don't we make it this Sat! Go Sentosa or something."

Zul- "HAHA! WHY NOT!? W00TS!"

Yup, it all started from a conversation. LET'S ALL MEET THIS SAT!!!! Maybe we can go to Sentosa, play soccer, feast our eyes with 'candy', get drunk (Hmm) and just go wild. Food and drinks? Everyone just bring 1 food and drink. Potluck! Time; from 9 am?

Well, as the host, I'LL BE DEFINITELY THERE.

Sms/Email/Call me to confirm!