Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some picsss!

Some rubber bus

nono, `E|Deci doesn't run a bus company..

!!!!!WARNING!!!!! PLease Note...

The following pictures were somewhat taken on 30jan2008,
the following pictures are taken somewhat candid and captions to the pictures to do somewhat refer to "the real admin"..
any account of charges does not apply to " the real admin" as he is only trying to do his job just to fill up this FreAkING BLOGGGG!#$%!^!&!!!!!

so yup, enjoy..

hmmm, i wonder who it resembles..c`'mon guys! Think!!!
Who is 1.56m tall, carries a big fat heavy dickety bag and pokes people?

preeeeety obvious! It's julian sleeeeppping!

hmm, i sometimes wonder if its sweets or handphone..tsk..
Let's get a close-up look shall we?

Photo is larrrge to get a closer look of what he's doing..
hmm, now we know! =p the person beside him is too!
namely _ _ _ _ i _ i _ h
hahas, from our class, go guess the name...woo!



A-MATHs test tmr! 31JAN08! study hard all u people! Trigonometry!!

Science CHem people! 4Feb, extra class 2:45-4pm!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

hmmm, i wonder who...


Wk 5-6: Don't You Just Hate Me???

ANYWAY! Let me list the HW!

A.Maths SDL, Ex 14.1- 14.4, DIfferentiation Questions

A.Maths Trigo Test (Thurs, 31 Jan)
DnT Structures Test (Tues, 29 Jan)

4SB Matters:
Remedial & CT Schedule

Pls click on the tabs below in the Exel file!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Week 4 Notes!

History WB Vol 2 Pg 3-5
on Sustaining World Economy

WED Chem Test on Acid, Basses And Salts + Rate Of Reaction
THURS A.Maths Chp 9 Test
THURS (31) A.Maths TRIGO Test

Calender updated!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hi everyone! I'm Zul, your former class chairman demoted to a humble job in front of the screen; blog admin! Well not demoted but more of a retrenchment. HAHA. Anyway, SASS 2008 batch of Sec 4s, class 4SB is now accompanied by the new and revamped, FORASSBEE.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!

Well it was good as chairman anyway! ; )

2008 Committee Team

Class Chairman: Abraham Chee
Class Vice-Chair: Julian Tan
Secretary: Samuel
PE Co-ors: Pradeep & Shawn
Welfare: Ng Han, Zhi Hui & Justin

Good job guys! Remember to carry the job well!